The themes I choose to address usually go around the concept of personal living space.
I exploit images or fragments of collective and/or individual memory which do not refer to particular objects or situations. My works are usually modular and have multiple ways of assembly and interpretation.

I render my projects as an infinite line of juxtapositions, of techniques, of searches, rediscovered in old and new materials, by setting the image into a whole that oscillates between the rigidity of a library and the joy of decorating a Christmas tree. As a Baroque scenography, having the filter of the specific light of regional painting, I reconstitute on canvas, elements and spaces in a personal logic by the means of paradox and Utopia.
Objects and characters are brought together in a logic of the absurd, like in a theatre play who speculates the sensations, the fears and the mystery of encounter, between scenography, audience and author. My role is similar to that of a collector or custodian of sensations, emotions and perceptions underlying the ensemble.

Both in individual and in collective creative works, one can often find composition schemes which occur totally by chance or chaotically. How we organize the everyday objects in our private space it is a matter of personal instinct. One can notice by analyzing the arrangement of a mountain village, the fact that houses are placed not by the rules of urbanistic planning but rather through instinct and personal understanding of space.